Talent Economist (CTE) program

Overview of the Certified Talent Economist (CTE) program

The Certified Talent Economist program aims to take the guesswork out of talent management. It is designed to complement and build on the existing workforce analytics initiatives of an organization. Based on the bestselling book by HR strategist Gyan Nagpal, this program is geared towards senior HR managers and business leaders looking for a data-driven way to improve their company’s workforce.

It has been implemented by various organizations ranging from the public to the private sector. Locally, clients have included the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines), Lafarge Cement Services Philippines, FirstGen Corporation, and Capital One.

The Manila leg is jointly offered by Learning & Performance Partners, Inc. (LPPI), a pioneer of instructional design in the Philippines, and known for its customized learning solutions; and peopleLENS Global Associates (PLGA), headed by Gyan Nagpal himself. In-house CTE programs are also available upon request.

Fruits of the CTE Program

One of the main tenets of the CTE program is the use of data to formulate recruitment and retention strategies. As such, our alumni have spearheaded research initiatives in their respective organizations. These initiatives have covered the following topics:

Differences in motivators for younger versus more mature employees, in relation to development of company’s Employee Value Proposition
Attitudes towards technology to guide implementation of tech-related projects
Important managerial characteristics for younger versus more mature employees
Variables considered in succession management
Assessment of talent availability in geographical area
Quality of talent pipeline
Factors that motivate working women
Factors that affect the employability of women in the workforce

Starting Local, Going Global with Learning & Performance Partners, Inc.

Enrolling in the Manila leg of the CTE program gives those working in multinational organizations operating in the Philippines, or those employing a good number of Filipino workers, an advantage. This is down to a partnership with Learning & Performance Partners, Inc., (LPPI) one of the pioneers of instructional design in the country.

This partnership with LPPI has helped in creating a CTE program that’s not only applicable to the Philippine setting. With the numerous programs that LPPI has previously facilitated overseas, participants will also get an international perspective on applying the principles of talent economics around the world. This is particularly important for Philippine organizations that are looking to expand overseas.

Contextualization has also helped program alumni to craft projects that specifically address the Philippine context in light of international issues. For example, two ongoing research initiatives borne out of the CTE program are assessments of talent availability in specific areas of the country and the employability of women in the Philippines. Armi Treñas, LPPI principal, will coach the participants herself during their certification projects.

Be a Certified Talent Economist

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