MAY 30-31, 2017


The use of effective visuals and handouts strengthen the learning experience. Unfortunately, most instructional materials used today either overwhelm the learners with too much content, or are presented in a manner that discourages active participation.

This workshop aims to impart the science behind effective courseware development to address learning principles and fundamentals. Through a learning-by-doing approach, participants will be able to create clearer and more efficient training materials, thus improving learning results.

When: May 30 to 31, 2017
Where: AIM Conference Center,
Makati City
Workshop Fee: P 13,500.00 (+12% VAT)

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Key Topics:

Types of Courseware
Adult Learning Principles
Channels of Communication in Learning
Media Types
Media Classification
Guidelines in Using Media Types
Instructional Strategies for Learning Efficiency

Learning Objectives:

Based on a course design, the participant will be able to develop/revise courseware according to learning principles and fundamentals.

To be able to achieve this objective, the learners will be taught to:

Recognize the types of courseware available
Explain the impact of courseware on the overall learning process
Explain learning principles and fundamentals that affect courseware effectiveness
Give examples that satisfy and violate learning principles in courseware development
Assess areas for improvement in existing instructional materials
Develop sample e-learning module, PowerPoint slides and/or participants’ handouts based on a course design

Is the Courseware Development Workshop right for you?

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A Subject Matter Expert (SME) tasked to develop slides and handouts to be used in training
An L&D professional who guides SMEs in the development of their instructional materials
An L&D professional who is tasked with creating e-learning modules

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