FEBRUARY 15-16, 2017

Evaluating Training Results

The design and delivery of training is a venture on the part of a company in terms of time, effort, and finances. When executed well, it can immensely improve organizational performance. However, when it isn’t, it becomes a mere cost instead of an investment. Despite this, few organizations evaluate training effectiveness, and do so correctly.

The Evaluating Training Results workshop will teach Learning and Development Professionals to appreciate the big picture. The program will teach them a systematic approach that links training and performance. It imparts processes and tools to assess a training program’s contribution at different levels and correct “gut-feel” practices when evaluating outcomes.

When: February 15 to 16, 2017
Where: AIM Conference Center,
Makati City
Workshop Fee: P 13,500.00 (+12% VAT)

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Key Topics:

A Brief Overview of Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
Importance of Evaluation in ISD
Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Framework
Common Issues in Evaluating Training at Different Levels
The Evaluation Strategy: Choosing What’s Practical for Your Organization
Types of Evaluation Tools for Different Levels
Planning the Evaluation Process

Learning Objectives:

Terminal Objective: Given an assigned program, teams composed of workshop participants will be able to develop an evaluation plan supported by the proper tools.

To be able to achieve this objective, the learners will be taught to:

Explain the levels of evaluation
Relate the levels of evaluation to the steps in the ADDIE model by focusing on each component, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
Identify common problems and challenges in evaluating training programs
Explain the purpose and benefits of an evaluation plan
Assess your firm’s current evaluation practices
Develop evaluation tools
Develop an evaluation plan

Is the Evaluating Training Results program right for you?

Sign up for the program if you…

Are tasked to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs but don’t know where to begin or if you don’t know if you are doing it appropriately
Need help in going beyond Level 1/Smiley Sheet evaluation
Have to justify why training is important to help our company achieve our goals.

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