For training to be a strategic tool in an organization, relevant content must be delivered effectively. This often requires tapping the talents of Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields.

However, not all of them have the knowledge skills necessary for effective training. In particular, they may encounter problems in organizing, simplifying, and presenting content. Without these skills, potentially valuable content is not efficiently imparted to learners, minimizing the transfer of knowledge and the return on investment of a training program.

The Train-the-Trainers program provides you with the skillset to sharpen your training and development skills. It is delivered through a hands-on, experience-based learning approach. By learning about the elements of a successful training program, you will be able to organize effective learning activities for your target audience.

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Key Topics:

Challenges of a Trainer: Going Beyond Content Expertise
Understanding Adult Learners
Planning Our Session using Instructional Design Principles:
  1. Benefits for Learners
  2. Session Structure
  3. Execution Strategy
Training Delivery Steps for Interactive Learning
Basic Facilitation Techniques
Developing Learner-Friendly Visuals
Addressing Common Dilemmas in Training

Learning Objectives:

Given an assigned topic, participants will be able to conduct a sample training session by following the steps to effective training delivery.

To be able to achieve this objective, the learners will be taught to:

Distinguish between the roles of a subject-matter-expert and a trainer
Identify the guiding principles of adult learning
Describe how various learning styles affect training delivery
Distinguish when to use lectures, demos, and facilitation
Identify approaches to make training more focused and engaging using lectures, demonstration, or facilitation
Develop a session plan that integrates the elements of instructional design in training
Apply learning theories in the development of training visuals/slides
Conduct interactive sessions aligned with adult learning principles

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A Subject Matter Expert now tasked to train others in your field of expertise
An experienced trainer who would like to refresh your training skills set with new interactive approaches
A lecturer who would like to integrate facilitation in my approach A new trainer/would like to know more about training

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